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Campaigns & Donations

Oct. 8, 2005

Rogerio Olivera `s Artificial Insemination Study in Brasil U$S (2,500.00)

Dra. Marina Ponzio from the University of Cordoba, Argentina for the
Artificial Insemination
`s Study U$S (2,500.00)

- Assessment of urine and fecal testosterone metabolite excretion in Chinchilla lanigera males.
- A non-invasive method for assessing stress in the chinchilla.
- Obtention and cryopreservation of Chinchilla lanigera spermatozoa.
- Activity of chinchilla laniger spermatozoa collected by electroejaculation and criopreserved.
- Functional activity of epididymal Chinchilla laniger spermatozoa cryopreserved in different extenders.
- Electroejaculation in the Chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera): effects of anesthesia on seminal characteristics.
Chinchilla lanigera: endocrine and reproductive database for the optimization of captive breeding.
- BRIEF COMMUNICATION. Storage of Chinchilla lanigera Semen at 4º C for 24 or 72 h with Two Different Cryoprotectants.
- A Non-Invasive Method for Assessing Adrenal Activity in the Chinchilla (Chinchilla Lanigera).

Fur Comission USA - Vegans (Dontation to fight against Vegans) U$S (500.00).

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