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The Chinchilla and the Ecoterrorism

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The Chinchilla and the Ecoterrorism


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New York Times: Art. Sunday 2/22/09 »

Climate change cure is warm and fuzzy
by Janet Albrechtsen, The Australian »

Untrue statements set forth by vegetarian veganism »

For people short of time. Everything summarized: an explanation of veganism »

Vegans and their lies »


New York Times: Art. Sunday 2/22/09


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Federal Authorities say they have arrested four animals rights activists in connection with incidentes involving university of California researchers. Th federal burueau of investigation on friday announced the arrest of the four on suspicion of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Those arrested were Nathan Pope, 26 of Ocean Side, Adriana Stumpo, 23 of Long Beach , Mariam Khajavi ,20, of Pinole and Josef Buddenberg 25 of Berkeley. The Agency says Mister Pope, Mrs Stumpo and Mrs Khajavi tried last February to break into the home of a researcher at the University of California. Santa Cruz. Fedeeral Investigation say Mr Pope, Mrs Stumpo and Mr Buddenberg put out fliers focusing on researchers at Santa Cruz, days berfore the homes of two university scientits were firebombed.
The four activists are also accused of harassing and intimidating researchers at the University of California, Bekerley , at their homes.

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Climate change cure is warm and fuzzy
by Janet Albrechtsen, The Australian.

CANADA: I am starting to warm to this whole climate change business. Arrived in Vancouver for a night just before 2007 drew to a close. With barely a few hours remaining before the stores closed, I raced out and bought a fur coat. A long coat cascading down to my ankles, light as a feather and as warm as a ... well ... fur.

A few days later, despite sub-zero mountain temperatures, I am still positively glowing with warmth from my new fur. Not just because animal skins protect from the cold. No, there is the unexpected, more cerebral, inner-warmth that comes from learning that by buying a fur, I have done the right green thing. According to the Fur Council of Canada's new ad campaign, fur is now eco-fashion. Thats right. Wrapping yourself in a fur is a guilt-free pleasure. More than that, it's positively good for the planet.
Barely 10 days in, I am loving 2008. It holds the promise of lots more surprises from green politics as the climate change juggernaut continues to head in the most unlikely directions.

Let me explain. At the weekend, Canada's National Post reported on an advertising campaign launched at the end of last year by the Fur Council of Canada, which represents 70,000 of the nation's fur traders. These sassy new ads feature gorgeous women draped in fur, one under the heading "Environmental activist". The ads explain that buying a fur coat is the ecologically correct thing to do because fox stoles and mink coats are natural, renewable and sustainable. By contrast, synthetic furs are no more than by-products of the petro-chemical industry. Making a single faux fur coat can chew up 19 litres of petroleum, a non-renewable resource, says the council. Ergo, buying a fur coat is good for the planet.

Welcome to the brave new world of climate change politics. The Fur Council's campaign has been so successful that even comedians are sending out the "fur is green" message. Picked up by a Canadian comedy show, a camp-looking guy who resembles Borat in a fur coat gets off some great lines assuring us that a genuine fur coat creates less pollution than synthetic textiles and uses no child labour. "So say auf Wiedersehen to faux fur," he smiles into the camera. "You wouldn't wear a barrel of oil, so why would you wear a coat that is made from one?"

You can find it on YouTube. And if you're worried about being sprayed with paint by those nasty PETA people, funny fur boy has some advice: "Well, you just turn around and tell them that every spray can produces enough fluorocarbons to drown three polar bears. Who's the killer now, PETA?" Fur boy's advice if you want to do something good for the environment: "Kill a small animal and slap it on your noggin."

Alan Herscovici, the council's executive vice-president, told me by phone from Montreal that the global warming issue provided the perfect opportunity for the fur industry to tackle the animal rights industry. He described these groups as the new politically correct hate groups and lamented that the media rarely exposes the intimidation they use to pillory legitimate industries such as fur.

So if you are in the business of producing and selling natural products such as furs why wouldn't you jump aboard the natural, sustainable, renewable bandwagon? Long derided as the brutish killers of innocent animals who satisfy the hedonistic vanity of callous consumers, now animal trappers and hunters are, according to the Fur Council of Canada, the new heroes of global warming. And those buying and wearing the fur coats can hold their heads high in the knowledge that they are doing the socially responsible thing.

The fur industry is fighting back using the sort of emotional blackmail that the animal rights industry mastered long ago. All these years the anti-fur brigade has assumed the high moral ground when extolling the virtues of synthetic, faux fur coats over the real thing. Now we learn that their motto can be reduced to "Save a beaver. Kill the planet."

Climate change has snatched the moral high ground. Now the inference is that the animal rights industry would rather you line the pockets of Big Oil by buying petroleum by-products such as synthetic coats, rather than support the fur-farming and hunting families of the Cree people in the James Bay area or the Dene nation north of British Columbia.

Maybe the Fur Council's campaign is just a case of green-washing, as some warn. But theirs is a more legitimate claim compared to the shonks trading on climate change. Take the booming industry of offsets. When you next jump aboard a fuel-guzzling aeroplane you can soothe your conscience by throwing a few more dollars at the airline company that promises to send your money on to some green initiative such as planting trees or investing in wind power in India.

But as Mark Jaccard, a professor at the school of resource and environmental management at Simon Fraser University, told the National Post: "Was the tree planted in Guatemala truly an additional investment in reducing greenhouses gases or would another tree have sprouted in that spot eventually? Has the Indian wind generator actually helped prevent or delay the construction of a coal-fired power station, or was it simply a wealth transfer to one region in India while the expansion of coal stations has continued at the same pace? We cannot know because future actions are unknowable."

Even for those who accept climate change is a major threat to the planet, there are plenty of reasons to remain suspicious about how companies and industries move to rebrand themselves as environmental friends. Any new industry - and make no mistake, greenwashing looks like the boom industry of the early 21st century - will attract a rich collection of snake oil salesmen, hypocrites and downright crooks in its early years. And separating the rogues from the saints can often only be done in retrospect.

For the moment, I'm prepared to back the Fur Council. Why? Because I kind of like this novel feeling. Finally, I get around to buying a full-length fur coat and it turns out to be the politically correct thing to do. There I was recently mocking a friend in the advertising industry for ending his email with a pro forma "Have a low carbon day". Now I'm looking forward to the bumper stickers that will soon start appearing on the back of the small hybrid cars driven by our green-minded friends. "Buy a fur. Save the planet."

By Janet Albrechtsen, The Australian

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Untrue statements set forth by vegetarian veganism.


In reference to the exploitation and utilization of animals and vegetables, planet care, agriculture and cattle breeding respectful or aggressive to the environment, men and animals, we want to transmit important concepts that are prevailing now in the European centers of thought and in the Anglo world in general (the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, etc.). Our aim is to inform the breeder, the interested ones and the public in general as we consider this is the best form to finish with prejudices and half-truths.
Let us remember that all these subjects are interwoven and related strongly to each other. We will make a short introduction prior to a later development of each topic in a more detailed form sustained with data and very precise statistics on the alarming situation in many countries. We will also explain the way strong reformist movements have arisen. They are proposing drastic changes to stop last decade's excesses that have caused so much damage today.
It isn't pointless to clarify that, as in all subjects; there are different schools of thought that believe to be the absolute owners of the truth.
Thus, we will see how agriculture and intensive cattle ranch are against the ecological, organic ones which state soil and animal care must prevail over man, over the high performance of grains and over the improvement of defective vegetables, taking care of the purity of the product more than its amount. They are also against the ones that state great amounts have to be produced or hunger will spread everywhere.
On the one hand, there is the evil animal utilization (piled up and stressed) in disdain of their well-being (the famous animal welfare) that some enterprises are forced to if they want to achieve successfulness. On the other, those that meticulously take care of animals since in fact, more and better results are obtained having an ethical behavior towards the planet and its inhabitants.
Also, we will mention the orthodox vegan school (that promotes the total and absolute nonuse of animals and their products), which is turning to be obsolete. Even the most famous vegan leaders as Peter Singer consider it a psychopathy, despise it or still ignore it. In addition, most extremists are serving a long time sentence in USA and Europe prisons.
This fanatic, utopistic and impossible doctrine is lately followed, defended and proposed by conflictive young people with serious psychological problems (particularly in Spain and Latin America where everything arrives late and is outdated, since in other countries it has been entirely overcome).
It is certain and convincing fact not taken seriously by the governments, the cultural circles, the international organisms, the forums and the orthodox vegan positions; we also repeat these extreme positions have been smoothed even in the most famous and important vegan circles.
Who analyzes the problematic in an objective form (and not on the basis of unsolved childhood psychological conflicts or aggressiveness against man) can never accept extremism and even terrorism in the name of animals or ecology. In fact, everything is not white or black, most times truth and reality are grey which means a healthy interval between two extreme positions. But, beforehand, it is necessary to clarify that it is not true but entirely false, to state that producing all type vegetables and grains in a massive form is the correct and the best method to feed a hungry mankind that increases in an alarming way.
It is not ethical, correct and even practical to exploit animals excessively without respecting their welfare, lacking ethics and being humanitarian to them. It is not what is done, good or bad, but the way it is done, either in Agriculture or Cattle ranch; what we all want is respect for human beings, animals and Earth.
Here is the example of the present anachronistic vegan: a boy/girl, an old lady without any children or family who does not fit in the familiar or social circle, (though they themselves do not know it). They believe in detail what they have read in books, what they have seen in Internet; they are just doctrines of people who expose their hatred to mankind, their misanthropy as well as their phobia to man due to their psychical problems. They overvalue animals (even rats, snakes or laboratory mice) and place them over their human brothers; they think that by means of eating only vegetables and grain, they are going to live a healthy and long life, together with the advantage of being a protector of the environment as well, a superior being with a high sense of solidarity towards all living creatures, named animals or people.
Very serious error: In most of the countries the grains and vegetables people eat, lack of essential elements such as calcium, magnesium, copper and many other minerals. Those deficiencies produce serious disorders in people bodies and unknown consequences in the next generations.
The famous soya - or soybean that vegans praise as a substitute of meat is destroying the most precious thing Earth gave mankind: the humus, that is to say the fertility of soil. Apart from that, human beings are underfed. And this is not only a problem of the Europeans and the Anglo-Saxons because it is already occurring in Latin America and other regions of the planet.
The intensive agriculture that only worries about big profits, without taking care of the consumers and soil, offers products filled with pesticides, miticides , nematicides, rodenticides, growth hormones and mineral manure that used in excess is highly damaging and produces soil deficit. Finally, we have a killer cocktail made of poisonous, cancerous substances, etc.
Therefore, the extreme vegetarian, and even worse, the ignorant and misinformed vegan, is condemning himself, due to WHAT HE CONSUMES, to a terrible oldness, full of cancer and other terrible diseases and is leaving his children and descendants affected by many generations.
In the next chapters we will give the sources, data and statistics our statements are based upon. They must not be considered alarmist or subjective, they are nothing but the truth known in all forums and media.
The agriculture of the last decades and the proposals of the vegans are not protecting the planet at all but they are destroying it since they reject animal manure that protected the ecosystems for thousands of years achieving the same that it is obtained now but with the abuse of mineral manure. It neither destroyed the soil and the water layers nor poisoned the population.
For that reason, many misinformed, prejudiced and deceived vegans, who believe without hesitation what the ideologists of this wild doctrine "teach", want to convince us on the advantages of vegetables and grains, of hydroponics and of other mad eccentricities harmful for the humans and the planet. They have no idea they are advocating nonsense.
It is an obligation, to turn them to reality that is the sole truth, it is also an obligation to make them reason and to make them see that what they are doing with their lives and other people lives is serious.
They have a single goal that is to ban the total use of animals and their products that is the reason why they insist on the benefits of consuming only grain and vegetables as the best for a good health. In fact, the present agriculture is poisoning the human beings, and fills their bodies with products lacking the elements they need for a good health.
When the natural cycles are used, this does not happen. Seeds are sowed and vegetables are produced in the traditional form that takes care of the environment, the fields and land, animals are fed with genuine and unaltered products, lacking harmful substances.
To give an example: the person who consumes Argentine livestock meat (grazed in natural pasture) protects his health and is better fed than the idiot who eats vegetables full of pesticides, growth hormones. The person who consumes chicken full of hormones is also eating in a bad way.
Many chinchilla breeders that eat its pure meat, free from harmful additives, cholesterol and any other products, etc. will live long and will have a healthier oldness than the vegetarians who consume completely deficient and harmful products. Agriculture based on minerals uses and abuses of nitrate (on the other hand it will run out sooner or later since they are not renewable as the animals' precious natural manure, which is healthy and protects the soil). Nitrate poisons the water layers thus poisoning the human and animal organisms as well when it turns into highly cancerous nitrite.
This is what the vegetarians and vegans consume and want us to consume, leaving aside the use of animal products and animals who are the real producers of high quality food if working correctly.
We know extremist vegans are going to respond that having an agriculture respecting the environment, these problems would not happen; but the fact is there is more hunger in the world. There is data which indicate that stocks of world-wide grains have diminished in a terrible way, (this can be verified by reading the daily newspapers). Therefore, if suddenly we want to stop consuming animals and we demand an agriculture that does not focus on production, but just in good food, the very rich will just be able to get healthy food without deficiencies: half mankind will disappear from Earth.
Pay attention: in no way we are going to hide that everything is not pink in animal breeding and that animals are being turned into containers of hormones and harmful substances for the body. Eggs without vitamins, containing many chemical substances, milk full of antibiotics, chicken meat with growth hormones, etc., are so harmful for the body as vegetables and grains resulting from an agriculture disrespecting the environment, that unfortunately is the one that prevails in almost all the planet, with honorable exceptions.
We must all be convinced that what our elders did during centuries and centuries allowed civilization to progress, everywhere and every time. It is a repeatedly verified fact that man caused its own destruction when he exhausted soil. Entire civilizations as the Babylonian stopped existing when soil run out the precious humus (a word that has the same root as human).
What it is being proposed in all forums and governmental circles is to correct the aforementioned. That is the great challenge of the current century and the ones to come. Nowadays, the vegan gospel promoting the nonuse of the animals is simplistic, old, outdated and anachronistic.
Today there are more important things at issue: The future of mankind and the planet. It is not bad to raise animals for consumption or to grow vegetables and grains, which is bad or good is how it is done and if the protagonists are respected or not.
There is no advantage at all in consuming vegetables and grains since they will necessarily lack important substances for the body. Every time the situation will be worse because minerals (necessary for the plants), as said previously, are not renewable and they will run out. In addition these grains and vegetables often contain pesticides that cause serious deficiencies to the consumers in the long run. Don't forget that an average half kilo of pesticide is produced per inhabitant at a world-wide scale yearly.
If crops are not raised respecting ecology, particularly of the systems of waters and soils, the destruction of the planet and its inhabitants, people or animals, will be unavoidable.
We are going to give you some data that will be enlarged and studied in the next chapters, to make you think about it:
The arrival of the tap and the running water to most homes was a great advance of civilization: nevertheless, today the paradox is that in many countries, and also in ours, water from the main pipes cannot be used because it is contaminated. Nitrite of the water layers, for example, gives rise to the highly carcinogenic nitrosamine.
In England remains of Prozac, an antidepressant, were found in the running water of some cities.
In France, except the provinces near the Mediterranean, practically all the layers have nitrate which is highly harmful for human and animal health. In addition, all of us know that certain towns and districts of the Province of Buenos Aires contain arsenic and all class of poisonous products in their water layers, and many people are drinking it without giving importance to such a serious problem.
The famous spinach and lettuce vegetarians claim as good are being the source of all harmful products for the human body; they lack essential products and are full of nitrate which reduces their productivity and performance to 50% in conservation.
Million of birds, bees, insects beneficial for the environment die in alarming way by the use and abuse of pesticides. France, one of the most fertile countries on earth, lowered its soil wealth (humus) to the most dangerous limits; some lands are near to become deserts and more.
To be acquainted with the truth is the best form to improve reality, to correct lies and prejudices.
To be continued
Dr. Héctor Aleandri.

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For people short of time. Everything summarized: an explanation of veganism.

What is a vegan, what is the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian?
The Vegan is a vegetarian who additionally does not consume anything, absolutely nothing of animal origin. He does not eat eggs nor honey, drink milk and its derivates, and he doesn't consume any food containing them for example: chocolate if it has milk or animal fat or white wine if it contains the white of the egg to clarify it.
He does not use silk, wool, leather, fur, feathers and hair. The common vegetarian limits himself not to eat animal meat but he consumes eggs, milk, etc. and uses wool, leathers, hair, feathers, etc. or part of those animal products. He is not as strict as the vegan.

Why don't vegans consume or use anything from animals or of animal origin?
They state that man is a "speciest", he only worries about his species and he does not bother about the others. He exploits other animal species for his own benefit. This is not ethical. Man is worth the same as a rat, a dog or an ant. They don't exist for being used by man.

What attitude do vegans have against "speciests" who do not share their ideas and who use and consume animal or animal products?
It depends on how orthodox or extremist a vegan is. There are vegan people that limit themselves to fulfill their rules and do not criticize or are not against the rest of the population which continues doing what it has been done for thousands of years.
The dangerous ones are the extremists who want to force the rest of the population to stop consuming meat, using fur, etc.
At the very bottom they wish people stopped all animal or animal products use but they do not dare to attack all the system. They know that it is very difficult to change the people's habits that go back to the times our Civilization was born. Generally, they attack fur shops or fur animal ranches. They also release hens, rabbit and pigs. This means a painful death for the released animals that have lived in captivity for thousands of years and do not know how to survive in freedom (they die both run over by cars in roads and freeways, attacked by dogs and other animals, or of hunger).
In addition, they are against every animal use: for sports, transportation, etc. They say no to riding, to circuses, to zoos, to horse racing, to rodeos, to fishing and hunting. Pets, were they dogs, cats or canaries, are a form of slavery and they are against it. Finally, animals do not belong to us and we cannot use them in any way.

How do vegans manage to make their doctrines known to the rest of the population?
As all fundamentalists and fanatics they are hard workers for their cause. Generally, the vegan organizations use Television or Cinema stars to make advertising campaigns, especially on mistreating animals for fur. In almost all shocking videos and /or shootings, they ask for donations to stop those atrocities. They exhibit false videos, signed by them so that the horrified public makes money contributions. What is pathetic is that there is no evidence of their having initiated legal actions to stop animal mistreatment (that obviously does not exist). The money always disappears in the hands of the vegan leaders to advertise the story of animal mistreatment. It is a powerful machinery to make money and to spread the vegan doctrine. The Government of the United States modified a Law especially on animal mistreatment to include the shooting of those videos and films. There, fur animals are mistreated to raise money from donations obtained by means of deceit. See the pages that are mentioned below. See a report on PETA in another part of the page and www.petakillsanimals.com or www.chinchillaindustrycouncil.com
This is a worrying situation as they get in schools pretending to teach children how to protect the environment but they really teach them the vegan doctrines based on not consuming meat, how animals are mistreated and how evil is practiced in fur ranches.

What is the real danger the vegan extremists involve?
There are some really dangerous terrorists among them. In the United States and England, they have been declared ecological terrorists and many serve a long sentence in prison. They have set on fire and sent bomb letters to laboratories that experiment with animals even though they were rats. They have also set on fire Mc Donald's premises or meat retail shops, restaurants, etc. They value animals so much that they are placed before man. That is the reason why there are extremist vegans who claim to have no doubt in breaking the Law to attack those who "exploit" animals and destroy their property. Thus, there has been a case in which a hunter was seriously hurt as they sabotaged his gun so that it exploded when he shot. Three vegans were condemned to a total 30 year imprisonment as they kidnapped the wife's corpse of a breeder of guinea pigs for experimentation. In Argentina we have several vegan cells and members of the Army of Animal Liberation that have illegally acted in Buenos Aires, Cañuelas, Roque Perez and other places.

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Vegans and their lies

From the very beginnings, humanity and through thousands and thousands of years men have been used the skins, in order to fight cold and to cover themselves with something warm, first they were those of hunted animals, soon also those kept in captivity.
Inside the finest and most important stores' windows are full of skins of chinchilla and other animal's fur. The Far East voraciously consumes fur of all type in special China, Korea and Japan because their cold winters
In Russia and many regions of the former Soviet Union the use of skins to face the cold winters is so necessary that nobody in his healthy judgment is against the use of fur, beside the use of gloves, hats, boots, etc.
In spite of strong campaigns in Europe against the use of fur garments, every day the use of fur is more accepted everywhere. And as surprising it is unlike for decades, the young European women and young men are using more fur skins.
The heydays of the synthetic skin of 30 years ago has disappeared and its use has diminished sensibly, in special, after which it was proven that the synthetic skin, unlike the real one, pollutes because can not biodegraded.
Leather and natural skin are biodegraded in few years and it is not necessary to burn them or to bury them during hundreds of years as it happens with their synthetic counterparts derivate from petroleum. Faux furs are not renewable resources like natural skin.
Nevertheless there are, happily very few, groups of people whom are against to raise animals for fur, among them against chinchilla. In fact they are totally against the use of animals for any reason like, circuses, races, medical research, pets, etc.
Leather, skin, food and fur of any species, the wool and the silk that come from ewes and silk worms everything are prohibited.
Vegan's doctrine ( vegans are fanatic defendants of animals rights, they compare animals to man and they put them in the same level) has a high percentage of deceits, prejudices, half truths and a good quota of true lies that the vegans has been repeating without any shame or regrets.
What are those Vegan's doctrines in fact? :
They maintain that: Bible and all monotheists' religions, been Man center of the universe, it is only an invention of the own Man
The Man is a "speciest", he has invented all this in defense of "his own" species and in detriment of other inhabitants of this planet to which he has persecuted, destroyed, enslaved. It is exploding, without respecting animal's right. Animals and their products (honey, milk, wool, eggs, meat or silk) cannot be used by the man

It is not possible to touched them nor its products (not only a product that could means the death of one animal, like meat leather or the skin are used), but even if there is no harm, like eggs from birds or wool from sheep's or llamas. In summary: NOTHING that is of animal origin animal can be used by man.
Books, publications, Internet pages, cinemas advertisement posed in general by the defenders of the animals concentrate their speech in the sufferings of the animals caused by man.
Soon we will see that the true aim of all this is to collect money for the people who believe them and to obtain new followers between disturbed people or with fouled values.
How are vegans, who are the vegans?
There are great differences between different groups, whose fanaticism and aggressiveness vary enormously. From unsatisfied and deranged women and men who have marched past by tens of organizations and who meet and publish pages in defense of animals, they promote vegetarian meals and they collect money for their cause (always ending up asking contributions to the readers or public) until the ferocious Army of Liberation Animal (ALF), that sends bombs, arsons and destroys, and for that reason it has been declared by the US government and the English government as a Terrorist Organization. It calls antiterrorist attention of tens of agents of the FBI and other organizations.
The most common group gather a type of neurotic young people, that had learned and believe to the bottom all lies provided by vegans ideologists
If you tell a common young man that is not possible to eat beef, hot dogs, hamburgers, eggs, cheese or milk, he will say that you are crazy and he'll reject it. But if you started at earlier time telling them a bunch of lies of how those products are got from animals that is another story.
If you tell a mother that she can not give cow's milk to her baby, she will tell you that you are out of your mind, however there are vegans that state: "if you drink milk is like drinking blood and the milk had been stolen from the cow the calf's milk"
Generally speaking the young vegan is middle to lower class, is not well adapted to the society and is in love with those irrational beliefs that is taking animals in front of humans. They do not love their own kind, they scorn them, and they have replaced love to their kind for the extremist love to animals
As some Hindi's( the biggest insane doctrines vegans are following are coming from India, Ingrid Neukirk, PeTA's manager spent some time there where she learned from some crazy Guru the reincarnation of people's soul in animals) many vegans do not want to kill a rat , a worm or an annoying insect .
They say they must be neutered, get away from them but never kill them. People that know how big are the damages done by rats or other vermin to crops will realize how irrational that sentence is.
Many believe that men are the biggest threat to nature and animals, humans only depredate, destroy, etc.
They do not know or intentionally forget that humans had planted, irrigated and improved millions of acres of wastelands and make it lot more beautiful in some areas that what they had destroyed. For them avoidance of the use of animals products or byproducts, is very hard to live around other people.
To have a faint idea of how far the extremist vegan's doctrines can reach, as an example, they can not drink wine or other spirits that contain some clarifiers, because they were prepared with the eggs' whites and eggs whites are animal's byproducts.
They are poor people full of complex behaviors that get relief, like many sectary people find it in there own group( like hooligans of English soccer teams), in their own kind they find the power that they don't have individually.
In that way the group covers the individual spiritual misery, and that the reason why they auto stimulate themselves, it is possible to discriminate between "office vegans" from the real defenders of the "cause", In other cases they fight ferociously each other( vegans web pages in Internet are good and very interesting places for psychologically researches .
In one paper written by Bonito there are many interesting conclusions. We must not forget there many serious researches done on old ladies that love cats at psychiatric extremes, Many things can be written about vegans stupidity and there crazy theories.
Not a single leather belt, shoes, etc. can be used, no eating honey, no consumption of fish, silk, wool, nothing that contain eggs, milk or its derivates.
No horse riding or using animals to carry goods. People far away areas from the populated centers of many parts of America, Africa and Asia will be seriously affected if those vegan doctrines were imposed. Vegans lie themselves or are using wrong goods, they have big conscience problems or they live an austere life with big food deficiencies that will pay heavily at old age. Almost everyone is single and solitary people, because like P:H. (one of the local leaders) declares in Internet that for him is hard to get married, get to know women or have a relation with people that carry a complete different way of life.
Most of them live in a flat in the large cities and by fact they had have no contact with nature or country life, animals in a farm, etc. and that is one of the reason why are eager to believe all lies written by their ideologists.
Many times they repeat false statements without checking or have visited farms or ranches of any kind.
From the top vegans leaders like Ingrid Neukirk and Alex Pacheco( he had been in jail several times violating the US laws) to the lower rank vegans they do not form families or have children ( of course there are exceptions like in any rule). It's logic that way of doing. How come they will like to produce descendants if they consider mankind the biggest plague on earth?
The first group, then aggressive one, they carry a way of life and principles that besides are hardship, irrationals and unusual do not affect other people. No one can be criticized because a wrong way of life, stupid, full of deprivations but does not attack other people because they have a different way of thinking
The second group is the most worrisome, because they attack the "speciest" and everyone that use animals with hate and bitterness. The use of aggression is the result of their own huge internal problems they carry; neurosis of the first group is increased with big conduct disorders and psychotic attitude of the second group. Some of them act as Nazi fascist because they do not respect a different way of life at what they believe and they want to change the world, even breaking apart, robbing, arsoning, in fact using force and breaking the law.
In other times they will hate Jews, blacks, Asians, gypsies, American Indians and everything different, " anything different to me is bad and can be and must be destroyed" "I classify and label others and treat them as I believe is proper, even though I have to break the law"
Pogroms in the old Russia, Fire arson of black churches in the US South not so far away in time, are replaced today by burning meat stores, attacks on Fur stores and ranches raising animals, and scientific laboratories ( researchers had been hurt by letter bombs in the US and England
All these, even though the fur is even more accepted, the "liberation" of ranch raised animals, breaking of cages, arson of buildings, etc. Is looked by the public like simple acts of vandalism done by "little crazy "people
Centuries of prosecutions and genocides had demonstrated that racism, xenophobia are not good, and had been rejected by the everyone today, they are out of date, they are history, even racism and only racism expressions are condemned by law
Today they can not turn their frustrations against minorities, although they do it against people that raise animals, animals in laboratories or scientific research centers, etc.
Vegans have the same unrest and hate against people as racist did before, in fact XXI century's Nazi-fascist are using same attack methods done against people that have been thinking different to them or because they are or look different( same as before against Armenians, blacks, Jews, gypsies)
Hatred ones are today people that "use "animals, custom that for vegans is a crime. The big difference is that old racist charged against minorities and today vegans are against human kind, smartly they attack to some more exposed groups, specially those farms were animals are raised, veterinary stores, and viciously against MacDonald's'.
P.H. via Internet declares without any resentment that they have to destroy properties, goods of any kind of those that use animals or their products
Hatred speciest (everyone outside of vegan's society) must suffer, and because that, they can not doubt to arson, to bomb or to destroy properties with no limit, even they brake the law.
The same crazy one (P.H.) is teaching through Internet how to built incendiary bombs and how to avoid been repelled by the victims or arrested by police

He and many others comment via Internet of their attacks to pet's stores, veterinary stores, paint on walls, broken windows etc.
They have published all type of attacks during months in Internet until the first judicial demands took place and smartly they suppressed them to be sent solely to the active members of the movement .
In Internet there is correspondence to young vegans who boast themselves to have released animals in captivity, in this case hens and rabbits. For them animals cannot be used and for that reason they release them although it always means sure death for animals that do not know how to live in nature, because during centuries they were bred in captivity and they do not know to survive outside farms and deposits
In the United States mink farms have been attacked and have released animals that in all the cases perished in the crude winter month. Also chickens farms, turkeys, geese, etc.

How act vegans to obtain their goals?
They resort to the lie and to all type of ruses to surprise the reader or public with atrocities invented by them so that people do donations to them, money with which supposedly they are going to fight so that the cruelty finishes.
Raise money is fundamental to be able to obtain new followers, with good orchestrated campaigns and of step to live like kings without working.
An organization of defense of the animals in Argentina requests that people she to write testament in favor of the animals as if the cows and horses could enjoy and use of the goods of those stupid donators. The money collected is use in their own benefit specially to maintain leaders of the movement who reserve all the advantages for them, live in a high economic level, first class airplane tickets, luxury hotels, etc, misusing the money that they collect.
There is another group that obtains and gain good money with restaurants and products and vegetarian meals, publications and magazines in general that deal with subjects veganism and try to obtain more followers for the cause.
Boys and young people who are part of the assault groups (stupid that are easy manipulated) do not have a chance of seeing part of all this money
PeTA, greatest vegan organization of the United States, which handles million dollars with funds that obtains from the innocent public, has only three managers who decide without any control the use of the abundant collected money.
They obtain from people to open widely their wallets generously and donate and donate money, after being surprised, shocked and indignant with the supposed animal's suffering
Many honest people who love their mascots, been dogs or cats, donate money to the vegans organizations without the knowledge that the extremism are the same people that will takes them to be against pets possession in any home, because they say that it is a form of slavery of the man to pets For them, the vegans, to trick films or to invent facts who did not exist, everything, still illegal, is justifiable to obtain their goals
The old history animal sufferings has been denied and proof not true in repeated opportunities, nevertheless vegans do not doubt in continuing repeating it.
Pictures of new born baby seals, massacred in the snow that was stained with rivers of blood of tens of corpses of baby seals
Curiously enough pictures appeared days before seal hunting began that had been delayed by official authorities fifteen days. This monstrous trick did make lose much trustworthiness in the media to the vegan's organizations in the United States and Canada. Nevertheless photographs continue being exhibited continuously.
An often repeated example of those lies is also the suffering animal's scenes in the farms, mentions of dirty, hungry animals, prisoners in small cages, to which they are sacrificed in a bloody way. This includes fur animals, chicken, rabbits, pigs, cows, etc.
These photos and movies are in general a great lie often filmed in abandon farms or barns specially suited to take the supposed suffering animals.

It is all a treacherous lie because it goes against the real truth of which animals must be kept clean, fed well, if the care take is not in a proper manner animals do not produce and or their skins, leathers, etc. have no value
An animal does not produce anything either been a hen, rabbit or pig that is treated cruelly, their renders will be but much inferior. A cow that undergoes the minor stress diminishes totally its milk production.
A hen that if mistreated will not lay less eggs and the same is going to happen with the production of any domesticated animal by man.
. Most farmers and cattle ranchers take diligent care of their products, not because they are affectionate with their animals simply because they would not have a good money income. Better well-being animal more money for the producer. It is certain an egoistic argument but true
. We must not forget that the high productivity and quality of all the fine cattle and their best products like meat, eggs, etc, in birds, rabbits, farms etc., are the result of centuries of genetic work and continuous improvement.
The chinchilla ranchers that have seen one wild chinchilla, look like a large rat, short hair and with brownish and yellowish reflections and know the good ranch raised animals showing a big size, long hair and extended and bluish veil, will understand the right sense and truth of these affirmations.
Also a farmer of good quality hens, that are laying about 365 eggs per year, knows the great difference with a half-wild hen or even a field hen that lays 70 eggs per year.
Vegans trick and fix pictures and shootings to wake up the horror of people and by those means donate money to them that supposedly is going to be used to defend the animals and or to correct the nonsense that they mention
In fact the money is used so that vegan's leaders could have a life on luxury, but very little money is turned aside towards the animals. PeTA (In English: "People for the ethical treatment of the animals") in fact have collected million dollars that never arrive at the animals are supposed to be protected. In a single fiscal year they collected U$ 17.000.000, only 5.000 went to a donation to an animal shelter.

There are proofs that PeTA sacrifices animals that are taken out to shelters (Empress Magazine, October 2005) has been recognized by their own leader Ingrid Neukirk (the famous manager of PeTA that she sentences: "a cow, a horse, a dog, a cat, a rat, a boy, everything is equal".)
The most criticizeable of the veganas doctrines, it's that often they go against the common sense and the logic of all healthy reasoning.
We can not speak of abnormal things like to pretend that that tens and tens of animals of the most varied species eat meat and therefore to other animals (example the tiger, the bear, the lion, the cat the dog, the birds of prey) the man who has canine teeth cannot eat meat. We do not speak of the abnormal thing that would be to condemn the humanity to suffer hunger and all class of sufferings because the animals would consume our foods and would be multiplied until the infinite (already it has happened that after convincing authorities that it was not necessary to sacrifice seals and after suspending their hunting, these were multiplied so much that seals consumed great part of the codfish of the seas of the North hemisphere with which the Canadian authorities had to authorize the hunting again).
Let us speak of unjust, the illegal thing, that a small group of deranged boys try to impose their will on the rest of the population using terror as a convincing tool.
And here we see well clear the different classes of vegans: The vegan of the first group or the peaceful vegan that scorns all eatable animal products of any kind, even fish, seafood, etc, maintains that we eat corpses (another clever lie that alters the common language since we eat animals that had been carefully sacrificed and not a dead animal that is the one that produces a corpse.)

Lies, alters the reality but of no way he wants to change the world although he believes totally many lies that are spread by vegan's ideologists.
Second group vegans that in some cases limits themselves to protest, to throw red ink against businesses that use or sell animals and in others use resorts to terrorism like the members of the Army of Liberation Front that with no doubt are sending letter bombs to laboratories that experiment or make scientific research with animals to discover new drugs that are much need to humanity to end certain diseases. Also they hate to people that experiment with animals to travel to other planets or any other means to improve existence of mankind
Neukirk states that although she knew that it is possible to have a cure to save her fathers from cancer with drugs that will be made with experimentation animal, she would be opposed.
Also she said calmly that although all the diseases of the humanity with experimentation with animals were cured also she would be totally against.

This people of PETA, and their local followers in Argentina, are very capable in their attacks and know how to direct them
For example they are against animal use in circuses, the bullfights , etc. but never has demonstrated in serious manners against the taming, horse racings or rodeos because they knows that these activities are linked to the way of life and to which what public like in general. They attack the premises of Mc Donald's but they keep off to attack grills and restaurants where the public also eat meat. It is easier to find people than justifies the attack when it is a multinational company than a simple restaurant of district, but this is completely illogical to pretend that there is difference between meat served in a common grill and the Mc Donald's hamburger
They write the walls with legend against the fur industry and throw red ink against fur stores but they do not attack those who use leather belts or shoes, because they know that most of people it would reject them totally.
A false argument from vegans is that has seduced many people is to say that the farms and the modern cattle ranch spend much expensive water and cereals for the animals that produce meat and milk with which they take to much cereals from hungry people and reheat and deplete Earth's land..
This is in fact one great lie because most of the cattle it is fed on grass, grass in general and shrubs that the man does not consume and in zones where nothing can be cultivated for human consumption (indeed these zones cover most of the planet) semi desert places or barren where goats, ewes and other animals are multiplied without problem and their meat, wool and leathers are taken advantage by humankind, that needs those products urgently to avoid cold and the nourishing supplies.
There are serious works on several North American universities that by facts proved with data and Earth maps these facts and leaves without a base all vegans argumentations. By the way a very small percentage of the Earth is farmed for cereals; the bigger parts serve only for animals pastures. Animals eat grass and shrubs that the man cannot consume. Without those animals, without their milk, wool or leather there would be more hunger and needed people.
An intelligent person who studies the world-wide map will observe quickly that all the mountain areas, the high plateaus, the small lakes are not suitable for cultures to strive but good for mammals and birds that have well been adapted and that are used by the settlers of those places.
In Asia animals in cold and desert places are raised by million and serve to provide warm and food to millions of people. Ducks and geese form abundant herds domesticated and bred in rivers and streams all across China and other countries. . Fish of all class grow up and are consumed in thousands of rivers, streams, lagoons in all the continents. From the shrimps, carps and all classes of bred fish in warm waters of Brazil, to salmon and trout in the cold lakes of the south of Chile, all this operation must stop according to the vegans. In cold areas near the Poles prosper aquatic fish and animals like the marine seal, wolves and sea lions, local reindeers and other local animals that are the sustenance of Eskimos, laps and other tribes that would die without them.

Without going much farther out, in mountains of South America, without goats, ewes, llamas, vicunas thousands of local inhabitants would be condemned to death or exile other zones.
The vegans doctrines are very good apparently when are applied in the cities and you think that everything can be fixed with vegetables and soybean but they are nonviable for the majority part of humankind in every continent. The daily real test is that everything that comes from vegans is madness without scientific proof and here is better applied that saying of the great scientist Albert Einstein: Only two things do not have limits: "The Universe and the human stupidity."

Dr. Héctor Aleandri.

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