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The purposes or objectives of the Chinchilla Industry Council:

A - Foster cooperation within the chinchilla industry.

B - Foster chinchilla aims, defined as uniform educational programs.

C - Create better rancher relations with the fur industry.

D - Devise a plan to develop industry-wide promotion of our product. This is a means devised by the Council to distribute information which consists of news releases, released periodically to organizations and fur publications.

The goal of this organization is to serve the chinchilla industry, which consists of the ranchers, manufacturers and retailers. In a broad base approach it is intended to stabilize the industry by fostering cooperation and communication between all the members units of the industry. The council must carry out functions consisting of leadership, education, help foster advertising, foster communications between the segments of the industry. If this goals are met there will be increased cooperation, communication and confidence established between the many segments of the industry and the individual member of each segment.

A summary of these possible steps in carrying out the themes and purposes, the following was added to the aims or goals of the CIC in October of 1976.

The Council is obligated and entitled to serve at several levels, helping organizations provide better service to its members and pelt sources and helping provide leadership for joint efforts. The goals stated below reaffirm the dedication of the Council to excellence in all endeavours.

Excellence in participation with the fur industry.

Excellence in communication with the fur community.

Excellence in perceiving and understanding industry needs.

Excellence in serving the rancher.

Excellence in leadership.

Excellence in communication with industry organizations.

Excellence in programs and services to industry producers.

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